The 5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in The Balkan’s most Photogenic City: Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Plovdiv is no longer a secret.

In fact, Bulgaria’s second largest city has been chosen as the 2019 European Capital for Culture.

Taking a walk through one of the oldest living cities in Europe is like stepping back in time. With both ancient Roman influence and newer trendier charm, there is a great photo op. on almost every corner.

So I decided to make things a little easier. Here is my list of the top 5 most Instagram Worthy Spots on your next Plovdiv Adventure.


With its windy and tangled streets, this charming and colorful district of Plovdiv makes Greenwich Village seem like a straight line. Around every corner of Kapana you’ll find some hip cafes, restaurants, and bars. So finding a spot to snap a photo should come easy. My pick for top cafe goes to Cat and Mouse. It’s a great place to have a beer or coffee and people watch the day away. I suppose I’d not be a true New Yorker If I didn’t mention next door there is quite randomly a Central Perk. For you Friend’s Fanatics it is worth a peak.


If the Kapana District captures the cultural charm of Plovdiv, than the Roman Theater embraces it’s ancient roots. And I’m not talking 2 or 300 years here. Try the 1st Century AD!  Lucky for us in the 21st century it was restored beautifully and open to the public for a small fee. It’s a great location to take a photo or even see a concert (Sting performed here recently). Do be careful. The aisles and rows are narrow and could lead to a tumble if your not paying attention. In my opinion, capturing a shot including both the theater and surrounding hills and city work best .


Nebet Tepe is one of the original Six Hills where Plovdiv was originally formed. The first settlements here span back to 4000 BC. It provides a great view of the sweeping hills, valleys, and colorful architecture of the city. The remnants of an ancient Fortress make for some epic photo opportunities near and on top of the old stones.


Make sure you stray off the main tourist streets and into Tsar Simeon Garden. Inside there are beautiful gardens, walking paths, and what I found most interesting – a Singing Fountain in a Lake.  While I didn’t see it light up at night (only on the weekends), you can capture a great shot through an ancient stone window. The lake overlooks both immense greenery and even an upscale  restaurant.


No Instagram photo list in Plovdiv is complete without at least one shot encompassing the Old Town. The cobblestone streets and architecture are one-of-a-kind. A great place to capture this essence is right in front of the Hostel Old Plovdiv.  Here you can get some photos of the buildings and a full shot of the Bell Tower of the Church of St. Constantine and Helena. It is one of the cities oldest churches and was restored in 1832. Getting lost in the Old Town is a must when you explore undiscovered streets and alleyways in this magical city.

Be sure to visit and snap up photos in Plovdiv before 2019 when this little gem blows up in Europe. Tell me in the comments your favorite photo or somewhere else to take a picture in a future trip to Plovdiv.

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