The Top FIVE Best Carry-on Hacks for your next Trip to Europe.

Lets face it – packing for a trip to Europe can be a CHALLENGE.

Between different climates, charging outlets, and Ryanair bag fees you still have to somehow stuff a few weeks worth of clothes and electronics into a tiny suitcase.

I have this very dilemma as I shuffle around Europe for the next six weeks. But I came prepared.

Below are my top five best carry-on Hacks for your next Trip to Europe.

1) iVideo Data Pack & Hot Spot:
I don’t know about you, but having an internet data connection in a new country is the first thing I seek (other than of course sightseeing..). So what a life-saver it was to get in contact with iVideo and find out that they have hand-held data devices that are active the moment you land!

This device work in 37 European Countries and began working for me while still on the plane deplaning at London Heathrow Airport. What’s awesome is that a couple or friends can both connect to it (daily limit is up to 1GB) and you can use it also as a computer hotspot.

No more annoying trips to the sim card store with google translate for me! The price starts from $1.86 a day so for a short trip hopping between many countries (I’m on my 4th in 6 days..) this is a must have.

Use Code AlanBar at this LINK  for a 10 percent discount from iVideo.


2) Europe USB Power Strip With 4 Ports USB:
Ahh the hated travel adapter. Half the time they cause sparks in the wall or short-circuit your shaver.

Thanks to a tip from my friend and vlogger Todd Hata, that’s not a problem in most of Europe. He recommended me from amazon a USB strip that already has the European charging slot (minus the UK). What’s great is that I can charge my phone, ipad, computer, and 2 other devices all at the same time!

Sometimes at a hotel or hostel room you will get only one outlet so you’ve gotta make it count. The extension cord goes for 5 feet and wraps up nicely when your not using it, making it the perfect go-to even if you need to extend the charger across the room.

A link to buy the Europe USB Power Strip from Amazon.


3) TOPLUS Travel Umbrella

I write this after spending an entire day walking in the pouring rain in Sofia, Bulgaria. But I was set cause I had a great travel size Umbrella.

I recommend the Topus brand as they were as tiny as I could find on amazon (just 6.7 inches in height) and also super light-weight. It literally fit into the inner pocket of my summer jacket. Placing an only $12.95 compact umbrella into a travel suitcase is a piece of cake.

Topus Travel Umbrella link from amazon.

4) Anker PowerCore 5000, Ultra-Compact Phone Charger
Nothing ruins a day sightseeing like your phone dieing minutes before wanting to take a photo or look up directions online. This is why I always carry a mobile phone charger.

The Anker products are some of the most popular, and the ultra-compact one can fit into a small bag or even purse. They should give you a good 80 percent boost to a dead phone. It saved me a few times when I was out from 9 am to 10 pm and away from normal wall outlets.

Anker Powercore 5000 charger link from Amazon.

5) Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack
This nifty daypack can serve many purposes on a European trip. First, it folds into a super compact bag that can fit easily into a carry-on luggage. When you take it out and unwrap it though, it turns into a light-weight daypack perfect for spending a day sight-seeing.

The Outlander has many pouches and is sturdy enough to take hiking. My Outlander backpack has been on five long trips with me and has withstood much wear and tear. Give it a go!

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack link from Amazon.

Those are my top five best carry-on Hacks for your next Trip to Europe. Tell me in the comments if you agree or if there is something that you think I missed!



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