Day 6: Seattle To Astoria, OR: Three Hours on The Road, And Initial Astoria Afternoon.

My Rental Chevy Cruze

On the last morning in Seattle I woke up, packed, and got ready to pick up my car from Avis. It was a 5-minute walk from the hotel. I entered to find out they were out of cars! I  didn’t even know that was possible. Lucky for me, an Aussie couple returned a Chevy Cruze five minutes after I arrived. Thus, it is the car I will be driving for 1500 miles on my journey. (I paid for an intermediate level car , so it’s fine).

After about two hours on the road, we hit the Washington/Oregon border. The Lewis & Clark bridge put us over into Oregon and it was another hour on I-30 west until we reached the seaside town of Astoria.

Call me an optimist here, but I was happy we got into Astoria during a record hot day of 88 degrees. Why in the world would i be happy?? Well, the other choice originally was to go straight to Portland from Seattle, where the high on Wednesday was 105. That’s a pass!

We arrived at the Airbnb around 3 pm. The house was just a few blocks from the downtown, and was a quaint Victorian-style home. The owner La Ree spent almost 30 minutes giving suggestions on what to do, which was much appreciated! She even left a welcome breakfast basket in the fridge (with croissants, apples, and orange juice).

View of the Bay from the Buoy Beer Company Deck,

Our first stop in town was to Buoy Beer Company. They are known for their micro-brews and fresh seafood. They also have a glass window underneath the floor that sometimes Seals come up to.

I wasn’t super hungry, so decided to settle on a bowl of their Clam Chowder soup with a side salad. ($11 not bad) The chowder was filled with Pepper Bacon, Manila Clams, cream, and veggies. It reminded me a bit of New England Clam Chowder, but with more of a kick.

The last thing we did was drive over to Astor Elementary school, aka the Kindergarten Cop school. I hold nostalgia for it, as it was the first movie I saw in theaters (I think my mom thought it was a G-rated kids film, NOT the case). The exterior looked similar to what I remembered. I wonder how many random people take photos there every week.

Thursday is our only full day in Astoria, I hope to soak as much in as I can, without sweating it all out in 90 F heat. Stay tuned!

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