How I used credit card points to get almost five nights free at the Grand Hyatt Seattle

For a five night stay between July 30th- August 2nd, the Grand Hyatt Seattle cost $350 dollars per night.

$350 x 5= $1750 for an entire stay. Not so cheap.

But not so fast.

To pay for the hotel I used an old trick that I have been using for quite some time. Converting credit card reward points to a hotel program.

World of Hyatt reward points are super valuable and can be acquired by converting Chase Ultimate reward points at a rate of 1:1.

Click here to learn about which Chase Cards give you Ultimate reward points

To get a free award night you have to spend 15,000 hyatt points. The Grand Hyatt is a category 4  property. I used this for two nights and it set me back 30,000 points.

The final three nights I used something called “Cash & Points. This allows you to spend half the points and pay some cash but you are still getting a nice discount.  Each of these nights cost 7500 hyatt points and $100 dollars.

In total I spent $300 dollars and 37,500 hyatt points for five nights. That is a savings of $1450 dollars on what I would have paid had I have booked it directly with the hotel.

I suggest anyone that wants to get into the credit-card points game to first get a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. This comes with a 50,000 point bonus after meeting the minimum spend and have $0 annual fee for the first year.

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